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COMING MARCH 31, 2023:


Donate to Jisoo Worldwide fund [@USBLINKSUNION / @BBU_BLACKPINK]
Donate to Jisoo Solo Funds via PayPal | Jisoo Solo Fund GCASH [@ForeverKimJisoo]
Donate to Jisoo USA fund via PayPal [@USBLINKSUNION]
Donate to Jisoo UK fund via PayPal [@UK_BLINKS]
Donate to Jisoo South Korea fund via PayPal [@DCJisooGallery]
Donate to Kim Jisoo Voting Team via PayPal [@KJSVotingTeam]
Donate to a kTown4u non-shipped back fund via @BlackpinkGlobal, @ForeverKimJisoo, or @jichu_charts
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1 week before the debut, sign up to an Apple Music free trial to support Jisoo's solo. APPLE DEVICE NOT REQUIRED, this works on all devices including Android phones.


Prepare at least three free Spotify accounts on your computer.

Read and follow newest Spotify streaming rules (2022).

spotify streaming teams

Install Renaissance (app) and Stationhead (app) on your mobile device and connect your Spotify account.
DM Worldwide Blink or Jisoo Streaming the message "POWER UP" to join the streaming team. NOTE: Accepting new members only until 1 week prior to the debut.
Sign up to the Global Streaming Team
US/PR Blinks ONLY: Sign up to the US Streaming Team

iTunes / digital downloads

Create as many iTunes accounts as you can (all countries). If you don't have an iPhone, you can still do this on PC/laptop on any operating system.
OUTSIDE UK AND USA: Sign up for the buying team for your country. [UK & USA must join their country team separately]
Ask your regional fanbase if other apps are recommended. For example, the UK & USA recommend the digital downloads store on TIDAL, Amazon (USA / UK), 7digital (USA/ US) & Qobuz.


Download/register the following voting apps:
Superstar X
Star Planet
Stay tuned for BP Voting Team recruitment soon!
Sign up to Jisoo Voting Team [Hosted by @KIMJISOOVT]

US/PR ONLY: Sign up to the US Streaming Team [@USBlinksUnion]
US/PR ONLY: Reply to the tweet to join the JS1 USA team [@UsBlinksUnion
UK ONLY: Sign up to join Jisoo Download Team UK [@UK_BLINKS]
ARABIC:View the website for @ArabJisoo

You can ONLY influence the chart of the country you're in, and the Hanteo/Circle album charts. For example, unless you are in the USA, you MUST NOT attempt to influence the Billboard Hot 100. Please follow the lead of your country fanbases and aim to support your regional chart.

iTunes Preparation

Jisoo's debut is coming on MARCH 31, 2023. Don't delay - she is coming this month!

Create your iTunes accounts NOW! You do not need an iPhone - this can be done via PC on any operating system. You do not need a payment method. You can set up accounts if you are 13 years or older, and you do not need a credit card. Visit to create Apple IDs.

All guides in this section are courtesy of @USBlinksUnion.
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Prepare for Jisoo's solo debut by following these guides by @BLINKVotingPage.

Collecting in advance for Jisoo's debut means we have the biggest possible chance of giving her Korean music show wins!


In order to achieve the best possible success for JISOO, it is important that we work together. This cannot happen if large accounts spread misinformation. Please ensure that you fully understand these details if you intend to promote them. Thank you!

NOTE FOR THIS SECTION These infographics will be updated to reflect information specific to Jisoo as we receive it. They were produced in summer 2022.


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