If possible sign up for a youtube premium so you won‘t need to watch ad‘s
Even with premium membership you must stream by the rules !!!

  • Log in to your YouTube account (1 account per 1 device)
  • Search the (MV Title) or just enter (BLACKPINK MV‘s) Each time manually
  • You can play the same video only 5-6 times per 1 hour on average
  • You must watch 3 different videos in between before watching MV Title again
  • You must do 6-10 minute gaps before watching MV Title again
  • TURN OFF autoplay
  • Watch MV until the end
  • LIKE MV only AFTER you watched full video
  • You can skip ad‘s (If you have no option to skip long ad’s – go to another video).
  • Set volume on YouTube to more than 50%, use earphones if needed
  • Set video quality to 480p or above (when watching MV always double check if quality is not too low)
  • Watch MV on BLACKPINK‘s official channel Only
  • Join to Watch & Like live countdown as early as possible and don‘t leave the livestream, you will be redirected directly in to a Music Video
  • SHARE MV link on all your social media for more unique viewers
  • Keep streaming even if Views/Likes freezes, (they will be added later)
  • On YouTube music Only 50 streams may be accounted per day (US), you may skip after 30 sec. (NOTE streams on YouTube Music are audio streams Not views)
  • For UK Charts, watch only on BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel: MV, Official audio track, dance practice & live performances. (UK residents only), (views from embedded videos do not count for charts)
  • For USA Billboard – watch only on BLACKPINK‘s official YouTube channel: only Official Video & Audio views counts for Billboard. (USA residents only),(views from embedded videos do not count for charts)
  • Turn on your watch history (Follow Watch History Guide)
  • Use 2 devices for 1 IP address, but use 2 different accounts
  • Use different browsers on different devices that are connected to 1 IP address
  • Write your own comment, try not to copy & paste, be original.
  • Interact with positive comments only and moderately
  • Don‘t play the same MV more then 5-6 times per 1 hour and don‘t repeat your behaviour
  • Don’t refresh the page
  • Don’t Replay/Loop video
  • Don’t use “Ad-Block” & APK
  • Don’t use VPN it will filter views
  • Don’t change the playback speed
  • Don’t clear history/cache/cookies
  • Don’t stream from embedded links
  • Don’t like the video as soon as you start it
  • Don’t pause or skip or forward any parts of MV
  • Don’t stream on small screen /mini player/split screen
  • Don’t use your browser on Incognito or multiple tabs to watch MV
  • Don’t lower the volume less than 50% on YouTube it self, you can lower it on your PC device and for phones use earphones if needed)
  • Don’t use background play where you watch and use another app at the same time (It will be counted as a single view only)
  • Don’t Use: Brave, Avast Secure, UR, Epic Privacy browsers or any other browser that works as vpn or ad block that hides ad’s or your IP ! (It deletes all your views)
  • Don’t stream on YouTube Music (Streaming on YouTube Music will be counted as an audio song stream not as views)
  • Don’t use playlists to stream as it officially counts as a single view only (even with premium account it counts as a single view)
  • Don’t comment too much in a short period of time, don’t use words “stream”- “emojis” and try to not copy other comments as system could count that as a spam
  • Don’t close YouTube with Title MV open. (click on another video or go to another page and then leave)
  • Don’t post photos of streaming with multiple devices
  • Don’t use newly created accounts as views from them will most likely be filtered out
  • Don’t download MV and then re-upload it on other platforms, channels, sns
  • Don’t watch fan made colour coded lyric videos in first 24 hours
  • DO NOT interact with BOT comments!!! Don’t report spam, just ignore it !!!
  • 2 devices are allowed per IP address but use different accounts.
  • IP address is assigned to EACH WIFI connection or mobile data.
  • If you have multiple devices, use both mobile data and wifi data when streaming as YouTube tracks IP addresses.
  • In order to maximise streaming, use different devices with different accounts that are connected to different sources of the internet.
  • Use different devices that are connected to the same IP address.
  • Use: only following browsers are advised (Google, safari, Firefox, Microsoft edge) as other browsers can hide your IP and your views would be = 0.
  • The Title track should not be watched more than 5-6 times per 1 hour, watching 2-3 videos and using 6-10 minute intervals before watching Title track again.
  • Note videos you watch in between should be different so that your watch history builds up through time and the system does not detect you as a bot.
  • Don’t use playlists to stream, as based on the latest news from YouTube, no matter how many times you play the same video in a playlist, it will be counted as a single view even with premium.
  • Always stream manually by searching “blackpink mv” each time.

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