Scroll to see important tips to maximise Spotify streams for BLACKPINK.

  • Log in to your Spotify account
  • Search BLACKPINK’s Spotify account + the name of the song.
  • A fan should use at least 3 accounts to stream
  • You can use multiple free accounts on a computer via these options:
    1- Using different Web browsers with different Spotify accounts.
    2-Using different Google profiles connected to a different Google accounts with (no sync).
    3-Spotify app on desktop (1 account)
  • (Mobile/Tablets)
    1 - For Android - with free account bypass – You Should follow a “Thread of Spotify Web mobile” on “@FUNDING_BPMXCO” through a link on “”.
    2 - For Android - with Premium account – no restrictions
    3 - For iOS - with free account - doesn’t work ☹
    4 - For iOS - with Premium account - no restrictions
  • Listen to BLACKPINK Music 24/7.
  • Use 24 hour BLACKPINK focused playlists.
  • Playlist length should be at least 1 hour.
  • Press a Like on all BLACKPINK songs.
  • Shazam while you listen to the songs.
  • Set volume to at least 1% or use earphones.
  • You can mute your device, but don‘t mute the sound on your app.
  • Buy premium if you can to support BLACKPINK more on charts.
  • Use long playlists from „“ website or playlists
  • provided by your local fanbase that focuses on BLACKPINK songs.
  • Playlist structure during comeback: 80% New music + 20% old discography
  • Playlist structure after comeback period: 50-60% new music + 40-50% old discography
  • Autoplay 2 functions !! (Home>Settings>Autoplay).
    1 - Autoplay similar songs when your music ends in this app OFF
    2 - Autoplay similar songs when your music ends on other devices ON
  • Don’t shuffle the playlist.
  • Don’t mute audio, leave at least 1%.
  • Don’t loop the song via loop funcion.
  • Don’t use VPN.
  • Don‘t need to interact with songs.
  • No other artists in BLACKPINK focussed playlists.
  • Spotify total stream count with all streams is reflected on Spotify web counter.
  • Spotify daily charts and charts in general will only show 20 streams from 1 account/per song version/per day.
  • NOTE: Maximum amount of streams you can generate is the max amount of Spotify accounts you can manage simultaneously.
  • We advise everyone to only Stream on your computers via Spotify app & Web browsers (Google, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Chronium, Safari, ur, avast, Duckduckgo, Epic, Brave).
  • You will most likely be required to add extension on browsers to allow it to play Spotify.
  • Each Spotify account must be on a different browser (Not different window unless you are using profiles option).
  • If you stream on Android - (Mobile/Tablets) with a free account – You Should follow a Thread of Spotify Web mobile on “@FUNDING_BPMXCO” through a link on “”.
  • You Should Stream 24/7 to support the artist you Love.
  • If you are a fan, you must use at least 3 Spotify accounts to stream BLACKPINK music.
  • Spotify does track your IP address, but we have not noticed any limitations. Spotify family plan allows 6 members – assuming that: 6 participants from an IP is a safe number for countries with official charts.
  • Your Focussed playlist MUST consist of ONLY BLACKPINK songs + BLACKPINK soloist songs.
  • Your Focussed playlist MUST NOT have any other artists, you can switch to your personal playlist from time to time but focus your streaming in only BLACKPINK focused playlists.
    During comeback period:
  • If we get BLACKPINK Album (example 6 songs) play those 6 songs in order by mixing some BLACKPINK Tittle tracks or B-sides. (Stream 24/7).
  • If We get BLACKPINK single (example 1 song) play that 1 song by mixing BLACKPINK discography in between few plays. (Stream 24/7).
  • Only BLACKPINK songs in my playlist, will my streams count ? - Yes, all your Streams will be counted 100% towards Spotify stream total counter.
  • For longevity after the comeback period, we recommend using long 24-hour playlists that distributes your streams more or less evenly (20% pre album discography) + (20% The Album Discography) + (60% new Music from BLACKPINK’s latest comeback).
  • If you use VPN, your streams will most likely be shown in Spotify’s total stream counter, BUT your streams WILL NOT be reflected on any charts.
  • If you can, please register a Spotify Premium on at least 1 account since streams from that account will be very valuable on Global charts for BLACKPINK.
  • Premium users must reconnect to the internet within 24 hours to count offline streams.
  • We BAN use of any other artist songs that is not (BLACKPINK or our Pink‘s) Music in focussed playlists.
  • Avoid using loop function, it‘s better to use long focussed playlists.
  • Play the song through the biggest Spotify playlists (Ex. Today’s Top Hits, Pop Up, etc...).
  • Share the track everywhere on social media (This is important for viral 50 on Spotify).
  • Stream the whole song to support the artist. (Listening to the song for more than 30 seconds counts as a stream. But we suggest streaming the whole song).
  • Make sure to follow BLACKPINK & it’s member Official Spotify accounts + You must follow BLACKPINK’s playlist called: “This is BLACKPINK”.
  • Spotify counts streams of each song version separately therefore “filtered streams that reflect” on Spotify daily charts can be doubled on BLACKPINK songs that have two versions like (How You Like That, Ice Cream, Sour Candy).
  • Please NOTE: Current cap of 20 filtered streams from 1 Spotify account per 1 song version per day is a subject to change in the future. (Latest Update 2022-03-03) Regarding questions about streaming please contact @WorldwideBLINK via DM.
  • We BAN use of any other artist songs that is not (BLACKPINK or it‘s Soloist) Music in focussed playlists.
  • Premium users must reconnect to the internet within 24 hours to count offline streams.
  • Go to „Library“ & Click on playlists or Click on „Search“ & enter worldwideblink > click Profile > choose playlists.


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