Name: Kim Jisoo
Stage Name: JISOO (지수)
Birth Name: Kim Jisoo (김지수)
Position: Vocalist, Visual
Birthplace: Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Birth Date: January 3, 1995
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: A
Height: 162cm (5’3”)
Education: Yongho Middle School, School of Performing Arts High School
Languages: Korean, Japanese, English
Instagram: @sooyaaa__
Weibo: sooyaaa_
Quote: “The four of us.”

Kim Jisoo was born on January 3, 1995, and attended the School of Performing ARts Seoul. She joined YG Entertainment in 2011 as a trainee. In 2015, before debut, she made a cameo appearance in The Producers and featured in several advertisements including for Samsonite, Smart Uniform, LG Electronics and Nikon.

Jisoo joined BLACKPINK as the oldest member and lead vocalist, and has gone on to co-write their 2020 single 'Lovesick Girls' with Jennie. Outside of BLACKPINK, she has been chosen as one of the BoF 500, as a muse and model who shapes the fashion industry. She has gone on to become the global ambassador for Dior, to huge acclaim.

In 2020 she was announced as the lead female actress in the JTBC drama 'Snowdrop' (설강화) and continued to film this through much of 2021. The television show was broadcast in winter 2021-2022, and Jisoo's emotive performance was met with several award nominations.


Name: Jennie Kim (김제니)
Stage Name: JENNIE (제니)
Birth Name: Jennie Ruby Jane Kim
Position: Rapper, vocalist
Birthplace: Cheongdam- dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea
Birth Date: January 16, 1996
Zodiac: Capricorn
Blood Type: B
Height: 163cm / 5'4"
Education: Waikowhai Intermediate School, ACG Parnell College, Cheongdam Middle School
Languages: English, Korean, Japanese
Instagram: @jennierubyjane
YouTube: Jennierubyjane Official
Weibo: jennierubyjane
Quote: "We’re four different girls living in four different worlds, it's better when we’re four members."

Jennie Kim was born on January 16, 1996. She studied at Waikowhai Intermediate School in New Zealand. After returning to South Korea at the age of 14, Jennie joined YG Entertainment as a trainee. She made an appearance in 2012 in G-Dragon's music video 'That XX' and was also featured by Lee High on her track 'Special', G-Dragon's track 'Black', and Seungri's track 'GG Be'.

Jennie joined BLACKPINK as their second oldest member, rapper and vocalist and has gone on to co-write their 2020 single 'Lovesick Girls' with Jisoo, as well as composing the track. She released her first solo single called 'Solo' in 2018, and participated in all aspects of development for the song, including lyrics, fashion and choreography.

Jennie has become known as a leading figure in fashion, and has been announced as the global ambassador for Canel. She is also the face of Chum Churum, Dashing Diva, Calvin Klein's 2021 collection, and Hera. She has also produced her own collaboration with Gentle Monster, called Jentle Home, and became her own fashion editor in Vogue Korea's March 2021 issue.

In 2022, it was announced Jennie will be making her Hollywood debut in the television series The Idol created by Abel "the Weeknd" Tesfaye, Reza Fahim, and Sam Levinson for HBO, making her the first Korean idol to feature in an American drama series.


Name: Roseanne Park
Stage Name: ROSÉ (로제)
Birth Name: Park Chae Young (박채영)
Position: Vocalist, dancer
Birthplace: New Zealand
Birth Date: February 11, 1997
Zodiac: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Height: 168cm (5’6”)
Education: Canterbury Girls' Secondary College
Languages: English, Korean, Japanese
Instagram: @roses_are_rosie
@hank_says_hank (Pet)
YouTube: Rosesarerosie
Weibo: roses_are_rosie
Quote: "Better when it's four of us."

Rosé was born on 11 February 1997 in New Zealand, before moving to Melbourne, Australia at the age of 7. She attended Canterbury Girls' Secondary College in Melbourne. At the age of 15, Rosé attended YG Entertainment auditions in Sydney, and ranked first. She moved to Seoul and within a year was featured on G-Dragon's song 'Without You' (at first, anonymously).

Rosé was the last member of BLACKPINK to join YG Entertainment, and she debuted in 2016 as the group's main vocalist. Her vocals have garnered praise both in Korea and across the world, and in 2021 Rosé released her debut album, R. The lead single On The Ground went on to set records worldwide, including setting two Guiness World Records. She released an MV for both On the Ground and the album's B-side, Gone.

Rosé has developed a high profile in the world of fashion and has been selected as the global ambassadors for luxury brands Yves Saint Laurent, where she was the first global ambassador in 59 years, and Tiffany & Co. Rosé's campaigns with Saint Laurent have garnered attention worldwide for their luxury appeal.


Name: Lalisa Manoban
Stage Name: LISA (리사)
Birth Name: Pranpriya Manoban
Position: Dancer, Rapper, Maknae
Birthplace: Buriram, Thailand
Birth Date: March 27, 1997
Zodiac: Aries
Blood Type: O
Height: 165cm / 5'5"
Education: Praphamontree School I and II
Languages: Thai, Korean, English, Basic Japanese, Basic Chinese
Instagram: @lalalalisa_m | lalala_lfamily
YouTube: Lilifilm Official
Weibo: lalalalisa_m
Quote: "BLACKPINK isn't possible if we're not four.

Lisa was born in March 27, 1997, in Thailand. Lisa competed regularly in dance contests throughout her childhood, and participated in a dance crew called 'We Zaa Cool' alongside BamBam of Got7. In 2010, Lisa auditioned to join YG Entertainment. She was the only successful applicant, and moved to Seoul to begin training. In 2013 she appeared in Taeyang's music video for 'Ringa Linga' as a background dancer, and became a model for Nona9on and Moonshot before BLACKPINK's debut.

Lisa debuted in BLACKPINK as a dancer, rapper, and the group's maknae. She was the first non-ethically Korean to debut in the history of YG Entertainment, a testament to Lisa's incredible skill and ability. In 2018 Lisa opened her own YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official, which focused on travel and lifestyle at first, and then later, high level dance performances. Her dance performances on Lilifilm Official have garnered great acclaim. In 2020 one of her dance videos went viral with the caption "Did it work?". She has also become the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Lisa served as the dance mentor for iQIYI's Chinese survival program 'Youth With You' seasons 2 and 3. She has also made waves in fashion, becoming the muse for Celine, and brand ambassadors for Penshoppe and Bulgari. She was added to the jury for the French fashion award ANDAM in 2021.

In 2021, it was announced that Lisa would debut as a solo artist later that year. Her deubt solo single album was released in September 2021. The lead single Lalisa and B-side Money both went on to set records worldwide. She released an MV for Lalisa and a viral dance performance for Money.


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